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Creating New Recurring Monthly Revenues

The CSR Readiness™  Suite gives your small to medium-sized customers easy access to the data life cycle assessment solution based on enterprise-level consulting, coupled with the award-winning CSR Breach Reporting Service™, currently used by hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Only available through resellers, the CSR Readiness Suite offers five different streams of revenues, including additional sales of CSR Partner core services within Readiness™, while providing your business customers with a comprehensive program to enable compliance with legal mandates to safeguard the personal data of employees, customers and vendors.                                                                      Five Readiness Reseller Revenue Streams

Five Revenue Streams
CSR Readiness Reseller Revenue Streams

The best privacy programs cannot prevent a breach, but can make the aftermath less costly, less time-consuming and recovery much faster.
Smart businesses prepare for all kinds of disasters: fire, flood, hurricanes - you name it. So when 75% of breaches are caused by employees, whether unintentional or not, it’s important to prepare to reduce the fallout, mitigate penalties and speed up the return to normal business activities.
Value-added resellers, especially those concerned with information governance, provide customers with CSR services:
1) Manage the safeguarding of personally identifiable information (PII) data
2) Reporting, when loss is suspected, of PII entrusted to their care
·         Minimize the potential for the loss of PII data
·         Offer access to CSR in-house privacy professionals when PII data loss is suspected, who take on the burden of reporting to authorities and consumers
Resellers across the country are finding CSR data life cycle management services to be uniquely effective sales lead generators as well as significant customer loyalty and retention tools.
Differentiate your business with CSR innovation:
–         Generate new recurring monthly revenues
–         No capital investment required
–         Generate net profits within 60 days
–         Create more connections 24/7 throughout your customers' businesses
–         Turnkey solution, including training and marketing materials
1)      CSR Readiness™ Program
-Markup of CSR’s PII data risk self-assessment program, distilled from CSR consulting to enterprise firms, to allow organizations of any size to evaluate and remediate their processes for the treatment of personally identifiable information (PII) of their customers, employees and vendors
2)      CSR Breach Reporting Service™ (BRS)
-Markup of BRS, separately or within Readiness, conducted by CSR in-house privacy professionals in the event of suspected or actual PII data loss, who file reports to authorities, consumers and others as required on behalf of your business customers as mandated
3)      Readiness™ Policies
-Revenues from policies purchased by your business customers within the Readiness program
4)      ID Stay Safe
-Revenues from the purchase of enhanced listings by your business customers who complete Readiness and earn a listing on
5)      Readiness Marketing Intelligence
-Revenues of partner core services generated by leads from your8/ custom questions within the Readiness questionnaire

To learn more about becoming a CSR reseller, please call 888.294.6971 or email today!