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The ‘Brave New World’ Of Cybersecurity

CSR Thoughts...

Dr. Ross Federgreen, CEO of CSR Professional Services, weighs in on the challenges faced by security integrators today.  In this must-read article about the new world of cybersecurity, experts from around the country offer a revealing look at the threat business owners face and suggest steps for building a cyber plan.  

September 2016


SDM Magazine

There are three primary drivers for cybersecurity today, says Ross Federgreen, CEO of CSR Professional Services, Jensen Beach, Fla., a company that specializes in data lifecycle management and breach reporting; and none of them have to do with being a “good guy”: 1. Regulations, 2. Others deciding they will or will not play with them, and 3. Insurability. “All of these cut to the core of any company…. Whether the end user wants to do it or not, they have to. And if the integrator doesn’t broach the issue, someone else absolutely will.”