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Congress warned about cybersecurity after attempted ransomware attack on House

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Every day, businesses, consumers, government and other organizations are finding that their system has been breached and their data is being held hostage.  No organization is safe, as the House of Representatives recently found out. 
The House technology service desk had previously warned of increased ransomware attacks on the House network, and in late April one of the representatives or their staff members fell victim to an attack. 
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Tech Crunch

Congressional gridlock can usually be blamed on stubborn representatives and senators. But a new string of ransomware attacks on the House of Representatives could stall legislation more effectively than party infighting or a filibuster.
In an email provided to TechCrunch, the House technology service desk warned representatives of increased ransomware attacks on the House network. The email warns that attackers are focusing their efforts on third-party email apps, like YahooMail and Gmail, and tells representatives that access to YahooMail will be blocked on House networks.
“When a user clicks on the link in the attack e-mail, the malware encrypts all files on that computer, including shared files, making them unusable until a ‘ransom’ is paid. The recent attacks have focused on using .js files attached as zip files to e-mail that appear to come from known senders,” the email notes.