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Cox Communications Settles with FCC for $595,000

CSR Thoughts...

Not only is retaining what is currently defined Personal Identifiable Information (PII) but this Cox Communications Settlement shows that privacy spans outside of what is defined as PII. In some cases, behavior is more identifiable to someone than a name, date of birth and even social security number.  Behavior turn the tables and instead of just identifying the person it is defining the person.  Information stored at Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is starting to be scrutinized as the ability to locate individuals even with a dynamic IP address is quite accurate.  What does this mean for all of us that are connected?  What should be required of ISPs to ensure that the information they have access to and store is managed in a way that ensure our privacy?  As consumers, you must take the extra step to find what privacy settings you have access to.  In addition, managing your own personal information is also critical as outdata information can be more hazardous than updated.  




The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Enforcement Bureau entered into a $595,000 settlement with Cox Communications for failing to adequately protect the personal data of its subscribers when the company’s system was breached in 2014, according to an FCC press release. The settlement is the first privacy and data security enforcement action by the FCC with a cable operator. “Cable companies have a wealth of sensitive information about us, from our credit card numbers to our pay-per-view selections,” said FCC Enforcement Bureau Chief Travis LeBlanc. “This investigation shows the real harm that can be done by a digital identity thief.” The settlement will also require Cox to notify affected customers, provide one year of ID theft service and “adopt a comprehensive compliance plan” with annual system audits.
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