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Europeans’ right to surf anonymously online—top lawman weighs in

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The EU Advocate General announced that IP addresses are personal data and falls under European Union data protection laws.  This ruling will have an effect on companies like Google Inc. or Facebook that collect and store information on EU citizens.  Patrick Breyer, a member of the German Pirate Party, brought the case before the court stating that, “nobody has a right to record everything we do and say online.  Generation Internet has a right to access information online just as unmonitored and without inhibition as our parents read the paper, listened to the radio or browsed books”. 



Technica UK

The AG said that fixed or static IP addresses are unquestionably personal data. But the more thorny question of whether dynamic IP qualify is at stake. Essentially Sanchez considered whether the addition of information from a third party service provider might make such data sufficient to identify individual Internet users.