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How human error can thwart enterprise security protections

CSR Thoughts...

As privacy professionals continually look for ways to protect organizations from data breaches, what is becoming more and more evident is that human error is to blame for a significant amount of company breaches.  “We can plug any port in the firewall. We can implement any device to capture the information. The weak point within any organization is the people,” said Avi Berliner, manager at PwC. “It’s not that we don’t trust these people. It’s just that people are human.” 
It is crucial for every company to have a strong data protection plan in place.  CSR Readiness Pro Edition delivers a PROACTIVE solution, enabling small to medium size businesses (SMB) to assess their privacy procedures, and in the event of a breach, the patented Breach Reporting Service is the REACTIVE solution that provides breach reporting for the SMB.




Berliner highlighted mobile device security as a particular example where human error comes into play. An organization can implement the strongest mobile security procedures imaginable, but all it takes is for an employee to take a picture, send an email, or even walk out with information to render those protections useless.