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For privacy pros, Brexit nothing to panic about

CSR Thoughts...

CSR agrees with the sentiments of Mark Keddie, CPO at BT, London-based owner of British Telecom when he says “As a global facing business, events like this demonstrate the need to have robust assurance frameworks that can absorb external environmental factors without having a detrimental impact on the privacy of customers or the effectiveness of the business.”  Earning CSR’s Readiness’ Certificate of Completion will show your customers, vendors and employees that you are privacy-ready.




As news of the Brexit vote swept the globe this morning, the response from privacy professionals throughout the EU who have studied the matter has been consistent, if cliché: Keep calm, and carry on.
While the U.K.’s departure from the European Union will clearly have momentous impact on both sides of the equation, it’s not yet quite clear what that impact might be, and, regardless, privacy professionals have a good two years yet to figure it out.