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Verizon Puts Yahoo on Notice After Data Breach

CSR Thoughts...

The $4.8 billion negotiations between Verizon and Yahoo has suffered a major setback after the recent disclosure of a data breach affecting more than 500 million Yahoo accounts.  The merger agreement contains language that gives Verizon leverage to renegotiate or even walk away if the value of a transaction has been hurt by a significant development, which is exactly what Larry Ponemon, chairman of Ponemon Institute, thinks has happened.  “What this does is it basically puts the value of that asset as a lot less”, said Ponemon, signaling that the value of a company can and will be adversely effected by a data breach and the lack of appropriate preparedness. 

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The Wall Street Journal

At a meeting in Verizon's Washington offices on Thursday, General Counsel Craig Silliman said it was "reasonable" to believe that the breach represented a material event that could allow it to change the terms of the takeover. He said It was up to Yahoo to prove the full impact of the data leak and prove it wasn't material.  "If they believe that it's not, then they'll need to show us that," said Mr. Silliman, who has been leading Verizon's review of the situation.