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Regulatory Updates

Safe Harbor Fallout: Israel’s DPA Revokes Prior AuthorizationOct 20, 2015

The Safe Harbor decision has definately made some waves.  Even Israel has decided to adjust their derogations to their privacy regulations which honored the initial EU/US Safe Harbor Agreement.  There is a lot of news and opinions in regards to Safe Harbor; however there is still one basic foundation.  Although Safe Harbor is under the microscope, the overall foundation of Privacy Regulations, regardless of country, is that as long as the data is being protected at the required standards as the country mandates, business can continue as usually.  Now, the reality of it all is that this is not likely happening in all cases, therefore business must review their practices, policies, documentation, etc. to ensure they make the necessary adjustments to comply.  Fran Sachs, CIPP/US, CIPM, Vice President of Operations at CSR Professional Services, made a comment about Safe Harbor. She stated that this change to international "requirements" are forcing companies to review and revamp their privacy practices.  But this should be occuring whenever there is a change to impactful privacy regulations and/or changes to the organization.  Safe Harbor is the first of many large privacy regulations that will come under scrutiny and will change what we do.  As businesses, you need to be prepared to react and review your own best practices, policies and documentations/contract to ensure your company maintains the hightest privacy standards.

United States: California Amends Its Breach Notification Statute - BakerHostetlerOct 19, 2015

California has been the United States' "leader" when it comes to data privacy regulations.  Data breach notification is a key component of an incident response plan. Each state carries different mandates, requirements and definitions. As data breach regulation gets more divergent and complex breach notifications will become major burden to companies.  What do I do?  Who do I report to?  What regulations do I look at?  There are so many questions.  CSR's Breach Reporting Services (BRS) is the answer.  

Commission Hears It From All SidesOct 15, 2015

As in many decisions made, the recent Court of Justice of European Union's decision to not support the Safe Harbor agreement between the EU and the US, is an eye opening event which will force both sides to make changes to ensure data privacy while still understanding the economic ramifications of such decision. With EU citizens' personal privacy being the priority in the decision making, it will be interesting to see what the next step will be on both side.  CSR's Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Dr. Ross Federgreen, predicted that this would be the outcome over 6 months ago.  CSR prides ourselves in being able to understand regulations, happenings, and analyze the data privacy and security world around us.