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Privacy Solutions - provided by CSRPS

CSR offers a wide variety of data privacy and security tools and services. Our goal is to lead the industry with easy to use turnkey data privacy and security solutions to businesses.  With a full suite of solutions CSR can empower any business with:

  1. Data Privacy and Security Risk Assessment 
  2. Data Breach Incident Response
  3. External and/or part-time Privacy Officer

CSR can help a business reduce their risk through awareness and education on best practices with CSR Readiness, an online easy to use self assessment with tool.  CSR Readiness will help a business assess where they currently are in regards to data privacy and security and provide improvement steps and best pracitices and policy templates to help improve their privacy and security position.

CSR's Breach Reporting Service is the answer to many businesses' concern to data breach incident response.  With the every growing and changing state and federal regulations in regards to data breach reporting, companies will inevitably face penalties and suffer impact on reputation and future sales when they do not properly report a breach.  CSR's Breach Reporting Service is the turnkey incident response solution.

As data privacy regulations change at both the federal and state level, companies will find it a necessity to have a Privacy Officer.  Privacy Officers need to have the proper certification and companies must consider adding a new position rather than distributing the responsibilities to unqualified existing staff members.  CSR's Stand-in Privacy Officer solution provides top level Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP) with certifications in the United States, Canada and the European Union to you with our SIPO program.  Get top level privacy professionals without the need to add a full-time employee.