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Data Breach Reporting - Provided by CSRPS


CSR's data breach reporting service* takes the headache and fear out of complying with federal and state data breach reporting requirements. Call CSR and we assess your data breach situation and report to all required organizations and consumers based on your specific breach.

CSR's Breach Reporting Service is an award-winning turn-key breach reporting solution that enables your breach to be reported properly, to the correct regulatory bodies and consumers, and within all regulated timeframes.

Most organizations are often unaware they have suffered data breach, much less know how to properly report it.  Make CSR Breach Reporting Services a part of your organizations Incident Response Plan.  Don't place your business at risk of civil and criminal penalties or suffer the impact on reputation and future sales.

*CSR Professional Services Granted United States patent 8,626,671; "System and Method for automated data breach notification"; January 2014.

  • Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP) with designations in the United States, Canada and Europe
  • Award-winning Data Breach Reporting Services
  • Coverage of any and all suspected or actual data breaches within your organization
  • 100% reporting success
  • Response time in less then 2 hours
  • Proof of Compliance after a breach occurrence providing a defensible position in the case of litigation
  • Mitigates your risk of civil and/or criminal penalties due to incorrect reporting
  • Fulfills regulatory breach reporting requirements
  • Saves time & money
  • Provides a key part of your Incident Response Plan
  • Offers a Single Point of Contact