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Stand-In Privacy Officer - Provided by CSRPS


The ever-increasing rules and regulations around information privacy protection and data breaches apply to all companies, regardless of size – the law knows no size boundaries.  A small or mid-size business must meet the same information privacy protection mandates as large businesses that maintain significantly more resources.  CSR created the Stand-In Privacy Officer™ (SIPO) to affordably offer businesses a dedicated out-sourced certified privacy professional to assist in meeting these mandates without the expense of hiring a full time Privacy Officer.   Your SIPO is a privacy certified senior level executive who is responsible for managing the mandated compliance with, and associated risks of data protection laws and policies that directly affect customer, employee and vendor relationships.
The SIPO program is offered on a monthly retainer basis.  The retainer covers the initial privacy assessment the privacy professional conducts using the CSR Readiness program.  It also includes a specified number of consultative hours per month and a privacy review on a set schedule.  Additional fees may be required for custom Privacy analyses and reviews, remediation implementation, and custom Privacy Training. 

  • Cost effective & dedicated privacy officer
  • Regulatory expertise with regularly scheduled reviews
  • Risk assessment
  • Consulting that is strategic and tactical to your organization
  • Best practices, including custom policies and procedures
  • Privacy training
  • Reduces the risk of breach
  • Mitigates potential fines associated with non-compliance
  • Turns information privacy into an active process within your organization
  • An understanding of information privacy requirements
  • Significant cost savings over a full-time privacy officer