Alarm Companies, Increase Your Recurring Monthly Revenue by Protecting Customer Data

It’s no secret: the commercial security industry is under attack by some of the same competitors who’ve increasingly gobbled up market share in the residential security space. In other words, if you are selling alarm systems to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), you are selling (in the eyes of your customer) a simple service that is increasingly being undercut by cheap, widely available residential technology.

Before we offend anyone, let’s go back to one word in that prior sentence: simple.

The service many alarm companies offer their customers is perceived as simple, in so much as it involves using technology to protect physical assets. That’s what most alarm companies do. It’s what they’ve always done.

But, let’s be clear:

A simple service doesn’t mean your business is simple or was simple to build.

Blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifice built your alarm company.

Think back to when you first opened your doors, all those years ago.

There was worry and concern over what you would name your company, and where it would place you in the Yellow Pages.

There were missed date nights with your spouse as you scrambled to open your doors and make your first payroll.

There was the first customer check you cashed, and the deep pride that came with shaping your own destiny—one installation at a time.

There was the eventual feeling of providing economic security for yourself, your family, and your employees.

Then there was Ring and Nest—and the growing belief among some SMBs that a system good enough to protect the people and treasures they love the most might be an appropriate way to protect corporate assets they love a whole lot less.

Except, as any alarm company knows, residential and commercial security are totally different.

A home robbery can result in major losses—to say nothing of the feeling of personal violation that occurs when anything is stolen.

However, a corporate burglary can lead to major data-breach fines and lawsuits stemming from your customer’s failure to properly protect personally identifiable information (PII). In fact, it is completely possible that the punitive actions taken by privacy regulators against the victim of the corporate theft for being negligent with PII could far exceed the punishment doled out to the thieves.

As an alarm company owner, you know this.

Your customers may not—which is why they may choose an alternative like Ring. When  customers begin to see a service like security as a simple commodity with no additional value added, they will seek out the cheapest alternative available.

But what if your alarm company can be more than just a physical-security provider?

What if it could become a data-security company, too?

There is good news. CSR Privacy Solutions offers you the opportunity to add value to your customers by becoming one of our Channel Partners. The opportunity to add value to your customers also comes with the opportunity to increase your recurring monthly revenue (RMR).

Small and medium-sized businesses already count on you. Now, take their trust to the next level by offering CSR Readiness® Pro . As the most comprehensive data-breach solution on the market, CSR Readiness® Pro ensures your SMB customers are complying with legal mandates that protect sensitive customer data. As a channel partner, you’ll enjoy the financial benefits of new revenue streams generating additional RMR and additional net profits within sixty days of launch.

The world has changed.

Data contained on corporate assets is worth far more—and represents a far bigger threat to SMBs—than the loss of stolen hardware, to say nothing of the data thieves can download without ever actually taking any physical item. In other words, most alarm companies only protect their customers from the very first stage of what can become a disaster that bankrupts a business.

Your alarm company can change that.

You can add security (and value) your customers will never find with Ring, Nest, or any other technology adapted from the residential security market. Partnering with CSR Privacy Solutions can make your business the comprehensive physical and data-security solution SMBs are desperately seeking.

And the best part?

By adding more value to your customers, you can add more value to your bottom line—and become the comprehensive security company every SMB needs.