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Comprehensive Privacy Program

CSR’s Privacy Consulting Program is a privacy program tailored to your company’s industry and jurisdictional regulatory requirements. Our team of experienced certified information privacy professionals (CIPPs) will coordinate with your staff and ensure that you are keeping up with the ever-changing requirements of cyber-privacy and data life cycle management. Our CIPPs will assist you through the compliance requirements as in this ever-changing world of data management and cyber-privacy.

The following regulatory domains are available for program development:

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • EU/US Privacy Shield
  • State-Specific (US)

Privacy Program Phase I – Initial Program Evaluation

This phase will assess your company’s regulatory privacy requirements based on its related industry, data-types, and your data subjects’/clients’ domicile jurisdictions. Upon determining the full scope of your requirements, CSR will evaluate your existing privacy program (i.e. policies, procedures, security, and practices). A report of necessary action steps will be provided for your review.

Privacy Program Phase II – Program Development

This phase enables clients to work on the actions deemed necessary for your organization’s compliance to meet certain laws and development of a privacy program. Depending upon your needs, CSR can help you to take the following action steps.

  • The EU/US Privacy Shield (Initial Certification).
  • Notice Consent and Information Management
  • Data Protection Policies and Procedures
  • Data Subject Access Rights (DSAR)
  • Information Security and Integrity Management
  • Incident Response Management
  • Vendor Validation and Verification
  • Compliant Data Transfers
  • Privacy Awareness and Training

Privacy Program Phase III –Auditing and Maintenance

In this phase, CSR helps organizations maintain and manage their privacy program with the following activities:

  • Assesses how your organization followed up with the suggested recommendations.
  • Determines if you are complying with the relevant and applicable privacy legislation.
  • Provides formal and detailed audit documentation.
  • A CIPP assists you with active prioritized remediation assistance to help you meet annual regulatory requirements.

Data Privacy Officer

CSR’s DPO program reduces the expense of hiring an internal, full-time resource with the expertise to properly assess, implement and monitor a comprehensive data privacy program, including planning for a data breach incident, while increasing the range of expertise available with CSR’s team of privacy specialists. CSR will assign a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) to your business to act as your Privacy Officer.

Certified Experts in Every Jurisdiction

CSR will assign a certified information privacy professional (CIPP) for your business to act as your Privacy Officer. CSR’s team of professionals holds certifications in each of the geographical areas – U.S., Canada and Europe – as well as government and management.

Initial Assessment

Your assigned Data Privacy Officer will conduct the initial assessment using our proprietary CSR Privacy Assessment and will guide you through a comprehensive privacy questionnaire to identify the current status of your company’s data privacy program.

Strategic Direction

Your dedicated Data Privacy Officer will provide strategic direction as well as navigate you through a tactical approach tailored to your business needs. This is followed up with remediation suggestions and implementation guidance. The privacy professional will provide guidance from day one and serve as your primary point of contact for all your privacy and compliance needs. Privacy reviews are scheduled regularly.

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