Nearly every business collects and stores personal information from customers, employees and vendors. Improperly safeguarding that personal information can cost your company time and money, the risk of your reputation, and even violate the law!

CSR Privacy Solutions presents, CSR Readiness® Pro offering both the risk assessment program CSR Readiness® plus the patented, award-winning CSR Breach Reporting Service™.


CSR Readiness® Pro is an award-winning bundle of privacy solutions that businesses use to mitigate the risk of data breach and consequences related to non-compliance associated with the handling of legally protected personal information.

CSR provides privacy systems specifically designed to address the need-set of the SMB: prioritized remediation and a data breach reporting service that uses both experienced IAPP professionals and expert systems.

CSR Readiness delivers a PROACTIVE solution, enabling small to medium size businesses (SMB) to assess their privacy systems and safeguards and presents them with suggested improvements for areas the program identifies as deficient. Even with protective measures in place, many companies still suffer a data breach. When this happens, Breach Reporting Service is the REACTIVE solution that provides privacy reporting for the SMB community.

CSR Readiness

The patent-pending CSR Readiness® program uses a specialized risk assessment questionnaire to help businesses evaluate their handling of personal information and documents their data breach prevention due diligence. The program provides training and guidance via Privacy Practices and/or templates for all areas that might require remediation.

Businesses complete annually the questionnaire, system-generated remediation tasks and instructions, and receive a certificate of completion with a trust seal to post publicly. The CSR Readiness Certification of Completion is a proud indicator that the organization handles, stores, transmits, etc. according to current privacy best practices.

  • Self-assessment data privacy questionnaire
  • Generation of remediation instructions, policies and best practices regarding compliance, security, incident response planning and audit
  • 24/7 access to allow ongoing input and regular monitoring

Breach Reporting Service

The patented, award-winning (U.S. PATENT #8626671) CSR Breach Reporting Service™ (BRS) facilitates timely and accurate personal information data breach reporting to authorities and consumers. When a breach incident occurs, our partners’ customers make one simple call. CSR’s data breach solutions and our in-house team of privacy experts or CIPPs, certified by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, interviews the customer, assesses the breach and determines if the breach is reportable in all affected jurisdictions, and completes and submits reports to all necessary authorities and assist customers with notification to affected individuals, as needed.

  • Collect all necessary information and call the toll-free number
  • The CSR Privacy Professional will evaluate the incident using the powerful and patented CSR systems
  • CSR completes all necessary reporting and, if needed, works with the user to complete consumer notifications

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