Data Privacy Statistics and Quotes

Data Privacy Statistics and Quotes

Curated facts about Info Security, Data Breaches & Privacy Legislation.

A More Modern Stand on the Kind of Damage You Can Expect in Data Breaches
"This ruling is significant because now the D.C. circuit, along with some other courts, have taken a more modern stand on the kind of damage you can expect in data breaches," says attorney Steven Teppler of the Abbott Law Group.

Privacy attorney Adam Greene, of the law firm Davis Wright Tremaine agrees the ruling is important.

"The court held that the theft of personally identifiable information/protected health information/sensitive information, if true, creates enough of a risk of identity theft that could be traceable to CareFirst's negligence in not securing the data," he says.

"This does not mean that the plaintiffs will win, but it significantly increases the risk to CareFirst and the costs of defending the case, and sets precedent for other cases to similarly proceed."
Bank Info Security, Marianne Kolbasuk McGee, Appeals Court Allows CareFirst Breach Class Action Lawsuit to Proceed, August 2, 2017
Study Finds Law Firms Have Huge Info Security Problems
  • Of 200 law firms assessed, all had been targeted by hackers. Approximately 40% did not know they had been breached.
  • Evidence indicated law firms were targeted regardless of size or revenues.
  • Only 23% of firms have cybersecurity insurance policies.
  • 95% of assessments conducted found firms were not compliant with their own data governance and cyber security policies.
  • None of the firms assessed were compliant with their clients' policy standards.
LogicForce, Law Firm Cyber Security Scorecard, Q1, 2017
Consumers May Sue Companies That Fail to Safeguard Their Personal Data
A federal appeals court in Washington, D.C. has ruled that consumers may sue companies that fail to safeguard their personal data. EPIC filed an amicus brief in the case, in support of the consumers, arguing that if "companies fail to invest in reasonable security measures, then consumers will continue to face harm from data breaches." The appeals court agreed with EPIC that the lower court was wrong to dismiss the case.
Electronic Privacy Information Center, DC Circuit Upholds Right of Data Breach Victims to Seek Legal Relief, August 1, 2017
Healthcare Breaches Change Consumer Behavior
After a healthcare data breach, 9 of 10 consumers take action. 25% change their provider.
Accenture, Accenture 2017 Consumer Survey on Healthcare Cybersecurity and Digital Trust, February 2017
The Insider Threat Epidemic
“Insider threats begin with trusted employees whose frustration, resentment, apathy, lack of cybersecurity training and awareness, or external motivations radicalize them to unintentionally or willfully inflict harm on the organization by compromising systems, assisting external cyber-threat actors in multi-vector information warfare, or exfiltrating treasure troves of valuable PII, PHI, and other sensitive data. Perimeter-based defenses cannot stop the threats who are already inside the network.”
James Scott & Drew Spaniel, In 2017 The Insider Threat Epidemic Begins, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, February 2017
Cyber Crime Apocalypse
The CEO of IBM Corp. has ominously identified cybercrime as "the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world," while the CEO of Lloyd's estimated that cyberattacks cost businesses as much as $400 billion per year. Meanwhile, the new enforcement directors at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recently warned that hacking crimes are the great threats to our financial markets. Even President Donald Trump has acknowledged cybertheft as "the fastest growing crime in the United States."
Michael D. Ford, Despite Frequency and Awareness, Cyberinsurance Market Lags, Daily Business Review, July 31, 2017
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