CSR Products for Legal Professionals

CSR Services for Legal Professionals

CSR has developed specific services for Legal Professionals. Our flagship product is Legal Readiness®.

It facilitates lawyers' compliance with requirements to safeguard client data both PII and CI on a jurisdictional basis. These rules are sanctioned by the ABA and others in many states. Please contact us now to see if your state is covered.

Legal Readiness

Designed specifically for lawyers, CSR's Legal Readiness is an extension of our award-winning privacy self-assessment and remediation program. The premise is simple: You tell us how you manage sensitive data and we use sophisticated analytics to prioritize advice to you on how best to address any weaknesses. The result: You are complying with regulatory requirements that you actively protect confidential client data and personally identifiable information (PII), you reduce your risk of a devastating data breach, and you boost your odds of securing better cybersecurity insurance coverage.


CSR is a well-versed data privacy authority. To augment our knowledge with legal expertise, we built a Legal Advisory Council composed of esteemed members of the legal community:


CSR provides award-winning privacy solutions and services for businesses across the United States and around the world. Thanks to a team of some of the most knowledgeable privacy professionals in the world, CSR has monitored privacy rules and regulations for years in order to create the best possible compliance solutions.

CSR's Legal Readiness is a proactive response to recent changes in the legal profession. Mandates from the NYS Bar and the ABA effectively mean that a failure to protect sensitive data can result in disciplinary action, including loss of licensure. CSR’s exclusive program can help you protect your future.


Legal Readiness offers three main benefits:

  • Regulatory Complaince: Don't get left behind. This program guides you through the murky changes in laws and rules to ensure you satisfy your regulatory and ethical requirements.
  • Risk Mitigation: The Legal Readiness™ program provides the tools you need to greatly reduct your risk of expericing a data breach. You'll get tailored privacy solutions, expert gudiance, tested privacy practices, and an incident response plan to protect your business. 90% of data breaches are avoidable. With Legal Readiness, you can begin avoiding them.
  • Insurance Facilitation: Cybersecurity insurance has become more costly and difficult to obtain, but this program offers a leg up.  Upon completion of the program, your strengthened data privacy protocols can increase your chance of qualifying for a better policy.

The stakes are high, and the ABA and the state bars have made it clear that you must act. With CSR's Legal Readiness, you can better safeguard private client data, meet your licensure requirements, slash your risk of dealing with a disastrous data breach, and look toward a brighter future in the profession.

To learn more and register, visit the Legal Readiness product page.

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