Mandated Timeframe for Breach Reporting and/or Consumer Notification

Without unreasonable delay
Laws related specifically to personal information
  • Breach Reporting & Consumer Notification
  • Protect Personal Information
  • Program for Protection/Security
  • Vendor Specific Obligations
  • Vendor Mandated Contracts
  • Employee Training
  • Data Disposal/Destruction
  • Risk Assessment
  • Requests for Information
Fines & Penalties

Violations of breach notification laws:
- constitutes unfair trade practice

Regulation Levels
  • Breach Reporting
  • Consumer Notifications
  • Vendor Management
  • Data Protection
Level Description
  • None to minimal
  • Basic Requirements
  • Comprehensive Requirements
  • Extensive Requirements
Quick Facts
  • Failure to comply with consumer notification requirements shall constitute an unfair trade practice and shall be enforced by the Attorney General.
  • Mississippi establishes that breach of security applies mainly to personal information in computerized form.
  • Mississippi has additional laws relating to the protection of personal data to prevent a breach.
  • If a vendor is breached, they must report it to the data owner.  The data owner will be responsible to complete the reporting and consumer notification.
  • If your breach affects residents in other states, you will need to notify those residents using that state’s rules.
  • Mississippi passed the sector-specific Insurance Data Security Law, which includes requirements for insurance licensees to protect personal information and investigate and respond to breaches of security. Licensees have until July 1, 2020 to comply with the information security requirements, and until July 1, 2021 to comply with the vendor management requirements.
Statutes and Laws
  • Miss. Code Ann. § 75-24-29 Persons conducting business in Mississippi required to provide notice of a breach of security involving personal information to all affected individuals

    Miss. Code Ann. § 75-24-231 Credit card processing hardware and software required to meet requirements of federal law 

    Miss. Code Ann. §§ 83-5-801 – 83-5-825 Insurance Data Security Law

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