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Today more than ever, records information management (RIM) services are vital to ensuring the success of a business. At any given time, 3 to 5 percent of files in an organization are lost or misplaced, according to PRISM. Companies without records management waste a great deal of time searching for information. They also spend money on unnecessary storage costs and often hang on to records for too long.

Without RIM, companies face a number of risks, including exposure of confidential information, public relations fiascos, and costly fines for failing to comply with regulations.

As a greater number of companies go digital, RIM services have become increasingly important. To avoid legal issues and ensure accountability, businesses need to prioritize the proper management, storage, organization, and retrieval of records. The increased importance of RIM has produced a very competitive marketplace. Companies are specializing in niche markets and adding more service offerings.

CSR Readiness Pro enables Kent Records to help our clients address their information governance initiatives as it relates to privacy matters” - Andrew Ysasi, Executive Director of Kent Record Management.

  • Provide your customers with exclusive CSR privacy services
    • Help them safeguard personally identifiable information by providing self-assessments, steps to remedy identified deficiencies, policies and best practices, and regular performance monitoring.
    • Offer CSR breach reporting services, which act sort of like insurance in case of a security event. Despite preparation, even the best businesses are eventually going to be breached. Our breach reporting system can help minimize the harm in terms of fines and reputational damage.
  • Generate new leads
  • Increase loyalty and customer retention

Gain recurring monthly revenue without capital investment


As a RIM professional, you may be an excellent fit as a CSR channel partner. Consider the following traits:

  • You have a strong roster of small- or medium-size business customers.
  • You bill your customers monthly for services.
  • You are eager to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

If the above attributes apply to your business, becoming a CSR channel partner can help you improve revenue, gain new customers, and set your business apart from other RIM companies.


Records are defined as “information created, received, and maintained as evidence and information by an organization or person, in pursuance of legal obligations or in the transaction of business,” according to ISO 15489. Records can be paper or electronic files, including information on removable storage devices. Courts have deemed numerous materials as records, even including doodles on a napkin. The following are examples of common records:

  • Instant message logs and emails
  • Marketing materials
  • Memos
  • Website content
  • Contracts
  • Reports
  • Database records
  • Hard drive contents
  • Cellphone memory

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