CSR Solutions: Responding to a Breach

Respond to a Data Breach

If your company experiences or even suspects a data breach, it’s legally required to act quickly and take the proper steps.

However, breach reporting and customer notification is a complex process.

Having timely guidance and support from experienced data privacy professionals is the best way to comply

with your legal requirements and mitigate the damage from a difficult situation.


Fulfill your legal requirements, protect your reputation, and avoid fines with a comprehensive data breach reporting and consumer notification service.

Your company possesses a great deal of PII—dates of birth, financial information, and even Social Security numbers. This data comes from customers, employees and vendors. If a data breach occurs, are you adequately prepared to deal with the incident?

CSR’s Breach Reporting Service allows quick action. You will be ready to meet your regulatory requirements. Simply make a phone call.

CSR privacy experts assess the incident and make any required reports to state and federal agencies. If customer PII is involved, we will guide you through the delicate notification process.

Remove the fear, confusion, and panic from a difficult situation. Your business will save money, protect its reputation, and minimize lost productivity. Your company is in good hands thanks to CSR’s extensive knowledge and years of experience in data breach reporting.



CSR Readiness® Pro combines our proactive CSR Readiness® product with our reactive Breach Reporting Service for end-to-end protection at a great price.


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