Shifting the Work Environment in Response to COVID-19
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Does your business have a work from home or working remote policy? It is critical to have this type of policy addressing your organization’s security measures and privacy practices that you have in place!

Forty-two state Governors instituted Stay-at-Home orders and three other states have partial orders in place meaning do not go to work, do not go to school, do not leave the house at all, unless you have to. As a result, organizations shifted their work environment and business practices into the homes of their employees.

Attorney Lisa Weintraub Schifferle, with the Federal Trade Commission’s Division of Consumer & Business Education, states in her March 18, 2020 post Online Security Tips for Working From Home, “Follow your employer’s security practices. Your home is now an extension of your office. So, follow the protocols that your employer has implemented.”

Business interruption events, like the COVID-19 pandemic, require you to strengthen your information security measures and communicate well-defined practices and processes. How can this be accomplished? How can you keep your staff and vendors informed and up to date?

CSR’s educational series provides insight that is scalable to your organization. We offer helpful tips to aid with:

  • Protective system and data security measures,
  • Communicating your organization’s information security procedures,
  • Creating a strong communication network with your employees even when employees are physically separated, and
  • Creating sustainable physical distancing when employees return to work.


During times of disaster or business interruption events, having a work-from-home or working remote policy along with business continuity plan, disaster recovery plan, an incident response plan, information security processes (just to name a few) are indispensable to an organization.

It is critical to have information security measures and privacy practices up to date to protect your network, data, team members and customers. Provide consistent guidance, updates, and reminders to staff and vendors about the processes and tools your organization has available and implemented. This will allow you to shift the work environment and your businesses practices into a work-from-home posture.

Stay alert for our next article in the COVID-19 Resource Series, ‘Working from home – Part 2: RDP and Mobile Safeguards’.  Click HERE to schedule a call to see how we can help you be compliant. In the interim, you may visit our websites at and


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