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Companies that specialize in information destruction arguably have never been more in demand. Active files in a business grow at a typical rate of about 25 percent each year, according to PRISM. At the same time, 30 percent of paperwork is useless, and nearly 40 percent of photocopies are unnecessary. The data-filled paperwork piles up, and companies need a safe way to dispose of it.

A failure to properly destroy sensitive documents puts a business at risk for theft, misplaced paperwork, and data leaks. All of these situations have potentially serious consequences, including reputation loss, legal action, and/or fines.

Information destruction specialists are striving to stand out in this competitive marketplace by offering a wider array of services, including mobile shredding, hard drive destruction, document scanning, secure cloud storage, and certified recycling options. One excellent way to set your business apart is to team up with CSR to offer data privacy services from the top professionals in the industry.

Device Shredding Too

It's not just data in paper form that needs to be destroyed in our digital age. Now we also have 'E-waste' we need to handle. We need to detroy digital data on hard drives, cell phones, and other electronic media. It's not enough to just wipe the drives, shredding them is the best way to make the data unrecoverable.

  • Provide your customers with exclusive CSR privacy services.
    • Help them better safeguard personally identifiable information by providing self-assessments, steps to remedy identified deficiencies, policies and best practices, and regular performance monitoring.
    • Offer CSR breach reporting services, which act sort of like insurance in case of a security event. Despite preparation, businesses are eventually going to be breached—it’s just a matter of when. Our breach reporting system can help minimize the harm in terms of fines and reputational damage.
  • Generate new leads.
  • Increase loyalty and customer retention.
  • Gain recurring monthly revenue without capital investment.

In today’s tech-savvy world, it may be difficult to imagine that most small businesses are still at risk for data breaches. However, companies face major challenges: a daunting amount of data volume, ever-changing technology, and a revolving door of fresh cyberattacks.

In the first half of 2016, U.S. companies experienced data loss at an alarming rate:

  • 3,046,456: Number of data records stolen or lost every day
  • 126,936: Number of data records stolen or lost every hour
  • 2,116: Number of data records stolen or lost every minute
  • 35: Number of data records stolen or lost every second

As a document shredding company, you may be an excellent fit as a CSR channel partner. Here are some desired traits:

  • You have a strong roster of small- or medium-size business customers.
  • You bill your customers monthly for services.
  • You are eager to stand out in the competitive marketplace.

If these apply to you, becoming a CSR channel partner can help you add revenue streams, attract customers, and set your business apart from competitors.


Are you ready to increase your income, grow your business, and diversity your offerings? Fill out the form below to apply for the channel partner program. If you have any questions, call CSR today at 888-294-6971.

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