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CSR Professional Services is searching for a qualified research assistant or paralegal to join our Compliance team.  This position will assist our Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP) in researching and maintaining a United States and global database of ever-expanding laws, regulatory issues, and case law pertaining to the protection of personally identifiable information (PII) and response to PII data breaches.  The candidate will have expertise in presenting information in an organized and comprehensive manner utilizing Microsoft Office Suite and will assist the CIPP by providing, or assist in writing, the information needed for reports, privacy consulting, development of our on-line solutions, and preparation of policies and procedures.  Familiarity with auditing is a plus.  The position will be in support of data access, integrity, assessments, and other compliance initiatives.

This position can be a stepping stone towards a Compliance Privacy Officer.  Candidates holding an IAPP certification (i.e. CIPP/US) or a background in data privacy are encouraged to apply.  A higher position may be available based on the candidate's certification or experience.  

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CSR Professional Services is searching for an experienced software developer with experience in Microsoft .NET technologies.  Qualified candidate will have at least 5 years experience as a full stack developer using MVC, C# and SQL Server.  Ideal candidates will also have web services experience.  CSR is looking for a new team member that will fit well into our existing team dynamic.  Candidate must have good communication skills and love working in a collaborative environment.  As a data privacy company, we must consider privacy and security in the design of our solutions.  A successful candidate will think outside of the box and have a love of sharing ideas and presenting new technical concepts that better our overall technical ecosystem.

Technical Skills: MVC, C#, HTML/CSS, Javascript, SQL Server, Jquery and Ajax is a plus.

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