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Data Breach Support

Are your clients prepared for a data breach?

Breaches often go undetected. However, be aware that 60% of small to medium size businesses, after a data breach, are closed within 18 months. Are your clients prepared to deal with the incident if a data breach is suspected? Do they have the proper plan of action in place and a designated representative to contact immediately?

What is a data breach?

A data breach is an incident where personal information is compromised.  In the small and medium business community, there can often be confusion as to what constitutes a breach of data. To add to the confusion, laws vary from state to state and between countries.  Damage can include loss of revenue, loss of reputation, lost customers, and legal ramifications.  According to the Ponemon IBM Report, the average cost of a data breach is $146/record compromised.  How your clients respond to a data breach can set their business apart from others and increase the trust of their current and future customers looking for a trustworthy and secure business that takes cyber-privacy seriously.

Peace of mind

Provides your clients with the peace of mind that they will have proven guidance to report their data breach.

Time & cost efficiency

Saves time and cost, preventing the loss of extra revenue and time of operations.

Easier to understand

Translates complex laws, regulations, and procedures into more accessible and actionable information.

Reduces risk of penalties

Reduces the risk of civil and/or criminal penalties due to incorrect reporting. Failure to properly report breaches leads to fines and criminal penalties.


Guidance for complying with regulatory reporting requirements with notice and steps to follow where applicable.

Key part of response plan

Provides a key part of your incident response plan, allowing your clients to have the necessary tools and plans of action.

Single point of contact

Offers a single point of contact to simplify the process of communication.

Benefits of Data Breach Support Team

As businesses and consumers frequently use the internet to research or look for services, it is imperative to manage your online reputation. Companies that take a proactive stance to prevent and solve data breaches will benefit from a positive online and offline reputation, helping the customer trust the business to ensure their data is secure and any breach will be correctly reported.

Promoting regulation compliance can build the trust and reputation of businesses and their clients, allowing a clearer communication entryway and future opening for increased revenue and visibility.

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