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CSR specializes in data privacy software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. We provide consulting services to medium and large enterprises.

Our IAPP-certified staff is comprised of world-class information privacy professionals.

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Data Breach Solutions

CSR translates complex regulations on data security, privacy, and confidentiality into practical business advice.

  • 91% of data breaches are preventable.
  • Data breaches happen to both physical and electronic data
  • Human behavior is an organization's most significant vulnerability

CSR Readiness® reduces the business risk and financial liability associated with acquiring, handling, storing, sharing and disposing of data.

Breach Reporting Service™ helps 100K+ businesses comply with the law, avoid fines, and mitigate damage.

Report a Data Breach

All breach reporting requests will require customer validation.

Be prepared to provide the service provider you receive this service through and your account number. Inability to properly validate will cause delay until verification is completed.

Consumers May Sue Companies That Fail to Safeguard Their Personal Data

Privacy attorney Adam Greene of Davis Wright Tremaine: The more cases like this that are successful, the higher the costs of a data breach become. This is because a successful class action lawsuit can far surpass the cost of regulatory fines. Unfortunately, there is not much that entities can do after the breach, other than offering identity theft services to reduce any potential injury to affected individuals. Rather, the most important steps are putting in place reasonable safeguards before a breach, to prevent a breach or strengthen any case that a breach did not occur due to the entity's negligence.
Marianne Kolbasuk McGee, Appeals Court Allows CareFirst Breach Class Action Lawsuit to Proceed,, August 2, 2017


For a detailed analysis, see our page on Attias v. CareFirst. We issued a joint Press Release on the CareFirst decision with electronic waste recycler ERI.

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CSR Readiness | How Companies Lose Data


CSR Readiness Pro is an award-winning bundle of privacy tools that includes a GAP analytic self-assessment that generates prioritized remediation and a data breach reporting service that uses both experienced IAPP professionals and expert systems.

With CSR Readiness®, the initial questionnaire evaluates how an organization handles personally identifiable information (PII) across several knowledge domains. Our proprietary algorithm then analyzes the responses, identifies weaknesses, weighs threat vectors, and generates a prioritized remediation schedule for your business.

Should a data breach occur, CSR brings years of ISO-certified experience to bear. Our patented Breach Reporting Service™ determines if your event is reportable. If reporting is required, we analyze the reporting needs of 300+ regulatory bodies and 105 sovereign nations. We ensure compliance with regulatory reporting requirements to mitigate fines and minimize damage to your reputation.

Be proactive and reactive with this comprehensive solution. Get CSR Readiness Pro today to address data security weaknesses, safeguard private data, and protect your business if a data breach or audit should occur.

ID Stay Safe lets the world know you care about privacy.

Your IDSS certification can be obtained upon completion of the CSR Readiness Suite.


Information does not recognize borders. We help organizations around the world improve their PII handling.



Privacy regulations are complex and fragmented in the United States. We make them simple so your decisions are easy.



The best data breach is the one you never have. 90% are preventable. We help you improve your handling of data.



If the worst happens, you want to mitigate the damage. We do that with analysis, advice, reporting, and more.