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Vendor Risk Management

Your clients could be held legally liable to verify and audit the privacy practices of their vendors. CSR offers an automated process with ongoing documentation and proof that proves your clients have audited and verified the privacy practices of their vendors and have written contracts in place with the vendors they share data with. Our Vendor Risk Management suite includes three main components.

Third-Party Exposure

Businesses that deal with third-party vendors shouldn’t leave their clients’ privacy up to chance. Yet, with many different vendors, it can be confusing and time-consuming to continually follow up on the data managing practices of every vendor. CSR’s Third Party Exposure Dashboard solves this problem by bringing together information about the current practices of each vendor, all in one location. Business owners can see at a glance how each vendor is doing and whether their standards are compatible. As a Channel Partner, this gives your clients peace of mind, freeing their time to focus on other things.

Vendor Risk Assessments

Businesses are responsible not only for their data privacy practices but also for the practices of any third-party vendor they’re using. Each third-party vendor that a company shares personal information must mimic their published privacy statement. Understanding data life-cycle management—how vendors store, transmit, share, and destroy data—is critical to quantifying risk. Proper vendor vetting commences before engagement and should be assessed annually. How can you provide tools to your clients to make sure they’re correctly evaluating each vendor’s practices? CSR provides vendor risk assessments to help companies assess any possible risk to mitigate against vendors improperly using and storing customer data.

Vendor Verification and Validation

Different third-party vendors may have radically different standards for using, managing, and protecting sensitive data. With CSR’s Verification and Validation tools, your clients can verify that their third-party vendors are actually the businesses they claim to be. After your clients verify their third-party partners, they need to validate their privacy procedures. Companies often fail to provide a clear standard for their vendors, leading to a host of potential privacy issues. Vendor Validation holds third-party vendors accountable for executing data privacy practices that mirror your client’s procedures.

Third-Party Exposure Dashboard

If your clients do business with any third parties, they need to know that these vendors have proper privacy standards in place and are caring for sensitive information appropriately. Yet checking up on each client and discovering any potential risks can be time-consuming and overwhelming. CSR offers your clients one convenient place to check security threats and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

What is a compliance dashboard?

Our third-party exposure dashboard is designed to bring together information on the security practices of every vendor. Businesses can see at a glance what standards their vendors have and evaluate the levels of risk they’re taking on by doing business with the vendor. Our compliance dashboard increases transparency and frees up your clients to run their businesses. 

Why does vendor security matter?

Businesses need to know that the third-party vendors they work with are trustworthy. In the event of a data breach, even if it wasn’t the business’s fault directly, clients will lose trust in the company’s ability to keep data safe. Furthermore, a business could be legally obligated for any such breach, even if it took place because of a vendor error. Our compliance management software helps companies stay on top of their client’s safety.

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When you choose to become a Channel Partner, you’ll be able to offer your clients our Third-Party Exposure Dashboard, along with the other related services included in our Cyber-Privacy Suite. This gives your clients the tools needed to manage the privacy risks associated with their third-party vendors effectively.

Vendor Risk Assessment

When dealing with third-party vendors, businesses should vet each potential vendor properly. Failure to do so can lead to mishandled data or breaches. Businesses are legally obligated for these breaches, even if it was the fault of a third-party vendor. Before a company chooses to partner with an outside group, they need to assess its privacy practices and standards. It can be challenging for smaller businesses to know what questions to ask. CSR’s Vendor Risk Assessments help take the stress out of this process.

What is a vendor risk assessment?

Our Vendor Risk Assessment is the component of our Cyber-Privacy suite that evaluates the possible risk and liability your clients face when choosing to do business with a third-party vendor. This assessment calculates a rating of current or potential vendors to determine if they meet the company’s level of risk tolerance. Data privacy is crucial. When you offer CSR solutions to your clients, you give them the advantage of partnering with the right vendors to mitigate a data breach.

Are you interested in reselling CSR’s vendor risk assessment service?

Becoming a Channel Partner allows you to provide Vendor Risk Assessment services to your clients. They’ll also have access to our entire Cyber-Privacy Suite, giving additional tools to protect their customer’s private data and stay compliant with all laws and regulations.

Vendor Verification & Validation

Businesses need to verify that third-party vendors they work with are held to the same high data privacy and protection standards. Yet often, a company can work with many different vendors, all of whom have different standards and requirements in data protection. How can your clients ensure that all vendors are held to the same levels of security? CSR’s Vendor Verification and Validation services are the solutions.

What is vendor verification?

Vendor verification is a solution to help make sure your clients are working with reputable vendors. It verifies that the companies actually are who they claim to be, cutting down on fraud and potential data risks. 

Why does it matter that vendors are verified?

Your clients need to trust who they can do business with. Our verification process is the first line of defense to reduce the likelihood that your clients will partner with a company liable for mishandling private data. When vendors are verified, your clients can be confident they are working with reputable companies.

What is vendor validation?

Vendor Validation is the next step in working with reputable vendors. Once your clients have verified the vendors they are working with, they need to ensure those vendors adhere to the same standards when it comes to data privacy. 

Why is vendor validation important?

Unvalidated vendors can create severe problems for companies. If they’re not required to adhere to specific privacy standards, a vendor with poor security can easily jeopardize the sensitive data they’ve been given. This creates massive problems for the clients’ businesses, which are liable for the data breach, even if it was the vendor’s fault. Smart businesses guard against this danger by requiring vendor validation for each vendor they work with. By offering your clients this service, you’ll help them protect sensitive information and safeguard their reputations as privacy-focused companies.

Are you interested in reselling CSR’s vendor verification and validation services?

When you choose to become a Channel Partner, you’ll be able to offer clients CSR’s verification services—along with our entire Cyber-Privacy Suite. Our Suite efficiently manages internal and vendor risk assessment by covering vendor risk management, DSAR compliance, internal risk assessment, auditing, data breach support, and threat scanning.

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